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Month: March 2007

Project “W” – New Video ?>

Project “W” – New Video

As promised several times I finally made a new video for Project “W” to showcase the project’s current progress. The video is fresh out of the press and I created it only several hours ago (actually I started two days ago but did several tries). It’s almost 7 minutes long and encoded in windows media format (WMV) so anyone having installed a recent version of the mediaplayer or having installed a codec pack should be able to watch it. But…

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New page ?>

New page

As you may have guessed from the complete new layout and design I redid my homepage (again, this is the sixth iteration since I went only 4 years or so ago). My old web-package only included 200 MBytes of webspace and that hasn’t been really enough to hold all my projects which forced me to delete old things when uploading new stuff. And therefore I decided to upgrade to the next bigger web-package with 1 GByte of webspace but this…

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Next stop : Localization ?>

Next stop : Localization

Once again I finished some points on my todo-list for the demo release, including all missing icons (for buttons, windows, etc.), adding some rebel units (which you encounter while attacking a region that had separated itself from your government), finishing the regionmap (remaining names, adjusting values, etc.) and much more. But one of the biggest still outstanding points on the list is localization of the game. And this is exactly what I’m gonna do next. Over the last weeks I…

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Climbing the Todo-ladder ?>

Climbing the Todo-ladder

Since the last posting here on my blog I got a big share of the outstanding Todos for the coming demo done (around 50% of the points on the list), so work is still going at my projected speed and the game is looking and feeling better and better each day. And as I already hinted at in my last posting one of the things I did was the customization of the regional 3D view. Before this all regions looked…

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Even more work on the GUI ?>

Even more work on the GUI

Right now I’m working down the points on my todo-list towards the demo release and already got several things done. But one point was usability and look of the GUI for the game and this one took (and still takes) much longer than I initially had planned. I did a lot of work on the main menu, including an options screen and adding functionality to have every UI element slowly fade in and fade out. So this one is done…

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