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Month: December 2006

Last posting of this year… ?>

Last posting of this year…

I guess this will be the last post on my blog in 2006, and I don’t want to let you switch into 2007 without a last update on the status of Projekt “W”. Again I worked a lot on the code itself, made several changes to make my life as a coder easier (e.g. a global window update, so I don’t have to care about what windows to update on what action) and most important I decided to get rid…

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Next feature almost done ?>

Next feature almost done

Short after finishing the research feature I decided to put my fingers on the espionage part of the game. In the very first drafts this was to be only a minor feature, but I promoted it to a main feature (inlcuding it’s own button in the control center) as it adds an interesting twist to the game. It not only allows you to find weak points of your enemies, it’ll also allow you to sabotage your enemies region and division…

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Research feature finished and much coding ?>

Research feature finished and much coding

Contrary to the last few weeks I spent most of my time last days with coding on the game, rather than making content or game design : The research feature I showed off in the last posting is now finished and you can already research your way through the (right now very small) technology tree and stuff like new buildings and technologies are unlocked along the way of your research. There is now also a nice preview image for eacht…

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Next feature plus some debugging and cheating ?>

Next feature plus some debugging and cheating

Now that the regional building feature so far has been finished (I also did two more buildings since the last posting, both for research) I went on to implement the next feature, this time it’s research. I already told you that discovering new technologies would be a part of the game, though it won’t be as complex like e.g. the technology tree in the Civilization series of game, but a lot more simple. For now it’ll only have two different…

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More content creation ?>

More content creation

This is kind of a continuation to my last posting. I still spent most of the time for the project on doing content. That’s the thing about creating games that I really like, as it doesn’t only mean to write code but also to do a lot of differen things like creating graphics, models, writing a stroy and stuff. So right now I’m more in a mood to create content and that’s exactly what I’m doing. As I may have…

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Full Sail ?>

Full Sail

I would have updated my blog earlier, but work on PjW has been very fluent since the last updates, and I really got a lot of stuff done over the last weeks, though much of it was behind the scenes and can’t be really shown via screenshots. But let’s begin with the things I did that I can actually show with some nice pictures! Number one : I pushed myself to finally start modelling some of the buildings (after finishing…

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Regional 3D view updated ?>

Regional 3D view updated

The detail window for a player’s region has had a 3D preview of the building you’ve built from the very start of the game’s developement, but it was utterly boring and didn’t fit the rest of the game. So I gave it a spin yesterday and wrote a prototype to try out some new ideas on how to change that 3D preview. After some hours of fiddling with different perspectives and rendering styles I came up with an isometric view…

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Tidbits ?>


After the design change, I started to fix/change some smaller things that were still open (although not really annoying) mainly with the UI itself. First I made it a bit transparent, so that the newly designed 3D view now shines through the windows which makes up for a nice effect. For that I also had to change rendering of the windows in such a way that they’re rendered from back-to-front (due to the nature of OpenGL’s alpha blending), but since…

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