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Month: November 2006

New style for the main 3D view ?>

New style for the main 3D view

As already hinted at in the last post I decided to change the visual style of PjW towards a different look, which gives the player the feeling of actually having the earth between his fingers, rather than just feeling like floating around it in space. So the last days I spent on changing the visuals of the main 3D view (where you’ll spent most of your time) like I did with the nation selection screen. If you take a look…

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Back on the road again ?>

Back on the road again

After putting a many hours into the latest Guild Wars Chapter (and still enjoying it) I returned to work on PjW again. One of the parts back from the old version still in the current build was the nation selection screen, and I really disliked this one. So after having the initial idea on how the new one had to look, I did a quick drawing of my new ideas and spent the last few hours on creating a new…

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(OT) What I’m up to… ?>

(OT) What I’m up to…

As you can guess by the lack of recent updates since releasing the updated NewtonPlayGround, I’m not working on some game/project at the moment. Mainly that’s due to the release of chapter 3 of Guild Wars (aka “Nightfall”), and since I’ve been a Guild Wars player from the first day on when Prophecies was released I couldn’t resist the third chapter (since chapter 2, “Factions” already was awesome). So I bought myself the collector’s edition back on October 27th, and…

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