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Month: August 2006

Ingame Hexfield and more Gamedesign ?>

Ingame Hexfield and more Gamedesign

Coding on the game is fun, doing game design is fun, but coding boring tools to create content isn’t. So I usually switch between those three things on the fly, so that the boring part of creating tools doesn’t overweight the fun of doing the creative stuff for my current project. And therefore, after coding some hours on “WeltEdit”, the editor to create all content for my current project I went on to implement the three-dimensional hex battlefield into the…

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Some infos about gamedesign ?>

Some infos about gamedesign

Maybe some of you want to know how I do the design for my games, so I thought to write down something on this. Note : I’m no game designer and I never worked on commercial titles (though my freeware games and apps are rather successfull), so take the following stuff as my personal view on this matter, don’t cite me on this in a fiery discussion or so. Most important notice about gamedesign : >Your PC is the most…

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Tools and Content ?>

Tools and Content

Small note : I now put the abbreviation for the working-title of my current project before postings dealing with it, so you can directly see what the post refers to. The last days I spent on coding the tool needed for putting content into my current project. I already had some tools from the old prototype, but they were neither finished nor what I really wanted to quickly create content. So I made one single application (although not totally finished…

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Animated skinned UI-control ?>

Animated skinned UI-control

I already wrote (and posted screenshots) about the skinned controls in the GUI of my current project. And this time you can even see it in motion, as I attached a small video I captured of that control which you can see here (it’s a flash movie, about 500 KBytes big). Due to the fact that swf is not the best format for videos it doesn’t look as good as in “reality”, but you should see that I also added…

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GUI – Coding and some Hex(es) ?>

GUI – Coding and some Hex(es)

After having done the layout for the GUI, I started to implement a new skinned control into the already existing GUI-part of the project. Basically it’s a control consisting of different parts and every part has it’s own texture (overlay, the whole control has it’s own background) and is activated (rendered) as soon as the mouse cursor enters it’s polygonal area. The area itself is specified as a polygon, so you can recreate every complex shape that such a control…

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More on the GUI ?>

More on the GUI

Did some more work on the GUI and I guess what I’ve got now is going to make it into the final game (the screenshot already comes from within the game). It has the control center with all important buttons (still not named on the screenshot) and also plenty of space for the information the player needs to know about. And, most important, it (at least in my opionion) perfectly fits the theme of the game. It’s the red color…

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Some GUI-Work ?>

Some GUI-Work

I spent some hours doing the basic layout for the control center of the game I already posted about. After doing some drawings (by hand) to get a hang on how it should look, I fired up photoshop and after several hours (and several designs) I came up with the skeleton you can see in the screenshot (click for bigger view) on the left. Right now it misses captions and symbols, so you can’t see what the buttons (the globe…

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Refining the game design ?>

Refining the game design

Well, I’m still working at refining the design of my game project mentioned in my last entry. And since back then, alone the document in which I wrote down changes and additions to the initial gamedesign is already 10 pages long. So the ideas are flowing and everything is coming together. And this also is the first time that I ever invested so much time in writing a game-design document. Up until now I usually just wrote down outlines of…

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Back again ?>

Back again

Well, after a bigger break I’m back at coding again (at least hobby-coding, already did some “serious” coding during the last months) and I have started to work on something new that’s actually rather old : Back in 2003 I started on a roundbased strategy-game and wrote a rather big design document and also made a working prototype (but with no actual gameplay in it). But soon I realised that the design of this game was too complex (both in…

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