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Month: February 2006

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As you may have guessed I have taken a break from programming after releasing NPG 1.51. The last days I mainly spent with promoting it, and especially the posting of it as an Image-of-the-day over at has gotten me much feedback and almost 3000 downloads in a very short amount of time. Mostly the feedback has been positive (and constructive) and it seems to have only problems on very few machines (2 people informed me about frequent crashes), so…

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NewtonPlayGround 1.51 ?>

NewtonPlayGround 1.51

As already announced I worked on fixing bugs and problems that users (mostly the users over at the newton boards, so kudos to them) discovered in release 1.5 of the NewtonPlayGround. Sadly there were more bugs and problems than I suspected, but none of them was very serious. So I now (hopefully) present you release 1.51 of the NewtonPlayGround, which can be obtained here. It also includes a new feature, namely dampers, for slider and hinge joints. This allows you…

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The day(s) after ?>

The day(s) after

The launch of NewtonPlayGround turned out to be more or less smooth. Though the people that downloaded it already found some bugs, none of them were real showstoppers (which are actually a coders nightmare). Up until now there have been 8 bugs/problems reported, with none of them being something really serious and so I already fixed all those bugs and found two more by myself (also just really small ones). So though the NewtonPlayGround is a real complex piece of…

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