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Month: January 2006

Newton 1.51 out ?>

Newton 1.51 out

Already released yesterday (had no time to update my blog), Version 1.51 of the Newton Game Dynamics Engine is out! So grab it while it’s hot. Besides some minor fixes, the vehicle container got a lot of attention in terms of bugfixing and is now a real beauty and fun to use. Note that there were no changes in the headers, so the pascal headers (link) for Newton 1.5 are still working with the 1.51 SDK. And on to the…

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Manual : Done ?>

Manual : Done

As I already mentioned (a dozen times or so…) writing manual for your own software is not only utterly boring but also not a very easy task. Why? Well, I’ve been working on the NewtonPlayGround since 2004 and I know it in and out (when you write your own applications, that’s what it should be) and now I had to write a rather large document (it’s in HTML form, with a TOC and so on) that should get people knowing…

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NewtonPlayGround is basically done ?>

NewtonPlayGround is basically done

Yes, the application itself is finished! I’ve spent almost all time I could spare since my last posting (on average several hours a day) for finishing and fixing the last few things/quirks that were left and it’s finished as of now. There were many small things that annoyed me, which needed improvement/fixing and that was what I spent those hours on. It’s somehow frightening to see how those small things consume time fixing them, as there were so many. There…

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Media Update ?>

Media Update

Well, I’m still working hard on the NewtonPlayGround to get it out of the door not too long after the final bugfix release of Newton 1.5, so here is a media update to inform you on what’s up with it. And so to show how much I did with the PlayGround, here are some screenshots : And here are the descriptions (from left to right) : Shot 1 : This is the most recent scene, and I just finished it…

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Bugs here, Bugs there, Bugs are everywhere ?>

Bugs here, Bugs there, Bugs are everywhere

So every programmer out there knows them and as more complex your programs get, the more likely you’ll encounter them. But what also happens is, that you often (at least when doing hobby development) don’t catch those bugs since they don’t occure to you, but only happen for other users. And especially with a complex application like the NewtonPlayGround, where there is no real limitation in what to do for the user, it’s hard to catch all those bugs. And…

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Newton 1.5 is finally out ?>

Newton 1.5 is finally out

Yes, it’s finally out! Though it’s no longer called 1.35, but 1.5 instead due to the huge number of changes/additions. So go to the Newton Page and download it ASAP. And then get the Delphi/Pascal headers from my Newton Subdomain. This time, it’s not only the updated header, but it also contains a translation of the custom joints that are included in the Newton SDK (see my last news post for more info on what that actually is). If you…

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