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Month: December 2005

Newton’s custom joint interface ?>

Newton’s custom joint interface

So one of the most interesting features of Newton are the so-called custom joints, which basically expose Newton’s low-level functionality for joints and allow you to create all kind of joints. In the end, this means you’re not bound to the given set of pre-defined joints (like it’s the case with other engines, even most commercial ones like Novodex) and so if you need a joint that Newton doesn’t offer you just create it yourself. And to demonstrate that feature…

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1.35 is around the corner ?>

1.35 is around the corner

Newton 1.35 : Believe it or not, but the 1.35 release of Newton is almost upon us! We SDK-developers are getting constantly updated SDKs (almost every two days or so) and it looks better and better with each SDK. The only thing that’s really left for the Newton makers is now the overhaul of the vehicle container and some tweaking and testing. Julio (the main man behind NGD) already said that he wants to release 1.35 this year, so it…

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