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Month: November 2005

New Newton Beta SDK ?>

New Newton Beta SDK

So much for the regular updates, but the last weeks have been very dull in terms of coding (did almost nothing with Delphi or any other programming language). But this weekend we SDK-developers got another beta of the Newton 1.35-SDK to try out, so I fired up Delphi, updated the header to the recent beta-SDK and also fixed some minor bugs in the NewtonPlayGround to test it with the new SDK. And besides one or two small bugs it works…

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Life goes on… ?>

Life goes on…

In terms of real-life, not much has changed since my last post here. But I dragged myself to do some coding again, and the parts of the NewtonPlayGround that were still under construction have so far all been finished. One of the bigger things that have been finished was the Direct X .X fileloader. After creating some complex objects and scenes and importing them into the PlayGround, I noticed that lighting wasn’t looking like it should and so I added…

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Why no updates? ?>

Why no updates?

Because of real-life, which is giving me a very very hard time right now. I have done no programming for about two weeks, and I also wasn’t able to contribute to the communities (NGD, PGD, DGL) where I’m involved. And since I was active on the web, I thought to at least tell the people reading my blog what the matter is and why there are no regular updates. Sadly it doesn’t really look like it’s getting any better in…

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