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Updated Vulkan deferred shading example video ?>

Updated Vulkan deferred shading example video

Over the past few weeks and months I’ve been constantly working on my Vulkan examples, enhancing existing demos, adding new ones, fixing bugs reported and merging pull requests (thx to anyone that has contributed!). I even found some time to work on a Vulkn deferred shading playground using Crytek’s famous Sponza model. You can find the repository for it here. This Sunday I decided to visually upgrade the deferred shading example included in my samples repository. Deferred shading is commonly…

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Trugbild finished (PGD 2013 challenge edition) ?>

Trugbild finished (PGD 2013 challenge edition)

The 2013 pascal game development challenge deadline is today, and Trugbild (at least the version for this challenge is finished and available to the public now). I haven’t had that much time to work on it in the final week of the contest, but I managed to add in new content (chapters, decisions), fixed some minor issues and made some small tweaks to the game to add some polish. And though it’s not perfect and not 100% what I initially…

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2012 – Final posting (and a new release) ?>

2012 – Final posting (and a new release)

We’re in the final days of 2012 (and the world didn’t end, who would’ve thought) and continuing my “tradition” this will be the final post of this year including different topics. So first of all I’d like to wish all my friends, relatives and readers a good start into 2013! As for my personal situation, a lot changed in 2012 (if you’ve read last years final posting you might remember) and mostly for the positive. As of may 2012 I’m…

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“Phase 2” – November work-in-progress video ?>

“Phase 2” – November work-in-progress video

I’ve just uploaded a new work-in-progress video from my current version of Projekt “W” – Phase 2. It’s been some time since my last posting on “Phase 2”, and though I didn’t have that much time to work on it I still got a lot of stuff done, and what’s better than showing screenshots of that new stuff? Correct, showing an HD video of it : As you can see I (once again) redid the whole user interface. Some may…

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“Phase 2” – Eyecandy ?>

“Phase 2” – Eyecandy

Don’t worry, I’ve been doing some gameplay related stuff too (including a revamp of global project functionality, coastal building spots for regions), but somehow I had the urge to spice up the game’s main view a bit and decided to implement a nice atmosphere for the globe. Something I wanted to do for a long time but somehow never got around. Another thing you can see in the video below is the new water shaders. Actually I never liked the…

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“Phase 2” status update ?>

“Phase 2” status update

As promised some (long) time ago (but better late than never) here is a new status update on the progress for “Phase 2” of Projekt “W”. Although my spare time is getting more and more limited due to some real important real life things that I have to take care of I still somehow manage to make progress on what now seems like my personal swansong, and actually a lot of things happened since my last status update, so this…

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New user interface in motion ?>

New user interface in motion

As promised some weeks ago I finally got around capturing a video of the totally new user interface that I decided to put into “Phase 2”. As mentioned earlier it’s not only a visual “upgrade”, making the UI more sleek and futuristic but also adds a lot of information to the default view and also brings in lot more usability. As you can see in the video most parts are already done, though there is still some work to be…

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First dungeon crawler prototype (HD Video) ?>

First dungeon crawler prototype (HD Video)

Although it took me longer than expected I recently got a first prototype of a dungeon crawler, based on my recenlty published random dungeon article, polished up far enough to show it to the public.  Actually one of the biggest issue holding it back were the textures. It uses parallax (bump) mapping for giving flat surfaces a realsitic 3D look (it’s pretty much an extension to bump mapping), and for that technique you not only need a color map and…

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Prototyping nukes (including HD video) – Updated ?>

Prototyping nukes (including HD video) – Updated

Update : Some people complained that the explosion didn’t look realistic, and after watching videos of real nukes I guessed they we’re right. So I revamped the explosion to make it look more realistic in itself, as well as adding several effects like a screen blind and shaking. So enjoy the new video below, it’s much better than the old one! After releasing my explosion texture generator, I guess it’s now time to show you what I’ve been using it’s…

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“Phase 2” – Work-in-progress video (HD) and YouTube channel ?>

“Phase 2” – Work-in-progress video (HD) and YouTube channel

Up until now everything you’ve seen from “Phase 2” have been some static screenshots. So I thought it would be a good idea to create a quick in-game video showing some of the new features, along with some of the stuff I changed over the past few days and weeks. As you can see on the video I also redid some of the old windows, like the one for army management in order to make them look nicer, but also…

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