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Going multi-platform, part 3 : First throwback ?>

Going multi-platform, part 3 : First throwback

Last weekend I worked on getting the lazarus / free pascal build of “Phase 2” to look and play exactly the same as the delphi build. I had to change some small things here and there, but after a few hours you can now no longer distinguish between the two builds, maybe except for performance. It looks that some stuff that’s pretty fast with delphi is kinda slow with fpc, for example accessing stringlists and stuff. But that’s nothing that…

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Weekend posting ?>

Weekend posting

It’s weekend and my last posting was almost a month ago, but don’t worry, I’m not idle at all. As for “Phase 2” of Projekt “W”, I finally got around writing the manual to it, and while doing so I noticed that it’s actually pretty hard to write a manual for such a complex game. And even worse if it’s your own game, as it’s extremly hard to write a manual that can be used to learn the game by…

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2010 – Final posting ?>

2010 – Final posting

Welcome to my last posting of 2010! I haven’t been doing regular yearly recaps on my blog since launching it like 5 years ago (time flies by, eh?), but I think it’s a good idea to do a little recap on what happened in 2010 and on what I plan to get done in 2011. Please note that this posting may contain some personal notes and/or ramblings of mine! 2010 in general was a very busy year for me, but…

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100k visitors and some Projekt “W” ?>

100k visitors and some Projekt “W”

Since relaunching my page with WordPress back in march 2007, there have been over 100,000 visitors to my page. Although this does not sound much at first, I guess it’s pretty good for a personal page (together with the fact that there were roughly 75,000 visitors to my page before that relaunch) and I hope that all those visitors enjoyed my projects, demos, applications and tutorials. And for those interested in numbers, I just saw that the traffic generated by…

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New page ?>

New page

As you may have guessed from the complete new layout and design I redid my homepage (again, this is the sixth iteration since I went only 4 years or so ago). My old web-package only included 200 MBytes of webspace and that hasn’t been really enough to hold all my projects which forced me to delete old things when uploading new stuff. And therefore I decided to upgrade to the next bigger web-package with 1 GByte of webspace but this…

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Some infos about gamedesign ?>

Some infos about gamedesign

Maybe some of you want to know how I do the design for my games, so I thought to write down something on this. Note : I’m no game designer and I never worked on commercial titles (though my freeware games and apps are rather successfull), so take the following stuff as my personal view on this matter, don’t cite me on this in a fiery discussion or so. Most important notice about gamedesign : >Your PC is the most…

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Back again ?>

Back again

Well, after a bigger break I’m back at coding again (at least hobby-coding, already did some “serious” coding during the last months) and I have started to work on something new that’s actually rather old : Back in 2003 I started on a roundbased strategy-game and wrote a rather big design document and also made a working prototype (but with no actual gameplay in it). But soon I realised that the design of this game was too complex (both in…

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