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Right now my thoughts are with the people of japan, a proud nation that has been hit very hard by earthquakes and tsunamis and also is doing everything possible to prevent a second (or even worse) Chernobyl over at Fukushima I. Ususally I’m not affected by disasters and human suffering (though it may sound harsh, but both are part of life) but with what happened (and what’s still happening) in Japan it’s totally different. It’s hard to see these people…

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New screenshot gallery : WipeOut HD fury (PlayStation 3) ?>

New screenshot gallery : WipeOut HD fury (PlayStation 3)

Right now I’m taking a break from coding and when I get the time I prefer to spend it in front of my shiny PlayStation 3. One of the first games I got for it (I even got me a credit card to be able to buy it on the PSN) was WipeOut HD, a futuristic hover racer. It’s looking gorgeous and I’ve been having a blast playing it. Recently the addon called “Fury” was released, and for just 10€…

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Pascal Gamer Magazine Issue #1 ?>

Pascal Gamer Magazine Issue #1

Jason McMillen (aka “Will”) from Pascal Game Developement has put a lot of effort into getting together the first issue of the “Pascal Gamer Magazine”, an online published free magazine showcasing the state of the pascal game development scene (which actually includes me as I’m using Delphi for development). The first issue is filled with a lot of interesting stuff, and when Jason approached me for an interview and a feature about “Projekt W” I couldn’t resist. So you’ll also…

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Guild Wars (and a little break) ?>

Guild Wars (and a little break)

I already mentioned this a long time ago. I’m an avid Guild Wars player, and right now I’m taking a little programming break and spent most of my online time playing GW. If you’re interested in seeing some screenshots, I’ve created a gallery showcasing some of my Guild Wars moments over here. Note that I haven’t lost interested in coding, it’s just that I need to take a break from it sometimes (it’s not the first break). So “Phase 2″…

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(OT) What I’m up to… ?>

(OT) What I’m up to…

As you can guess by the lack of recent updates since releasing the updated NewtonPlayGround, I’m not working on some game/project at the moment. Mainly that’s due to the release of chapter 3 of Guild Wars (aka “Nightfall”), and since I’ve been a Guild Wars player from the first day on when Prophecies was released I couldn’t resist the third chapter (since chapter 2, “Factions” already was awesome). So I bought myself the collector’s edition back on October 27th, and…

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(OT) New System ?>

(OT) New System

Ordered sunday evening, the new parts for my dualcore-system arrived tuesday morning and everything went smooth. Assembling went easy as suspected and the system did it’s first boot and Windows XP installed without any problems. But what I’m most happy with is the noiselevel of my new PC. My old parts already were rather silent, but this time it’s so quiet that you almost can’t hear it, no matter if it’s just plain working or under full load when e.g….

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Humppasirkus ?>


As you may have guessed I have taken a break from programming after releasing NPG 1.51. The last days I mainly spent with promoting it, and especially the posting of it as an Image-of-the-day over at has gotten me much feedback and almost 3000 downloads in a very short amount of time. Mostly the feedback has been positive (and constructive) and it seems to have only problems on very few machines (2 people informed me about frequent crashes), so…

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