How to shrink down a git(hub) repository

Starting point With my Vulkan C++ example github repository approaching 200 MB in size I decided it was about time to shrink it down to a reasonable size again. Shrinking a git(hub) repository isn’t just about deleting locally present files but requires cleaning up the history as files that have been removed are still present in the repository’s history and therefore still contribute to it’s size. A big chunk of the repo’s size is caused by binary assets like textures and 3d models. [Read More]

Using OpenGL ES on windows desktops via EGL

OpenGL ESĀ is an embedded version of OpenGL mostly used on mobile devices that offer only limited GPU capabilities compared to modern desktop GPUS. Introduction Thanks to android, OpenGL ES is very widespread, and as WebGL is also based on OpenGL ES (2.0), chances are pretty high you’ll get into contact with OpenGL ES at some point during your 3D development efforts. And at some point you may want to prototype your OpenGL ES applications on a desktop system (windows, linux, mac), or just distribute a desktop version of your mobile game using OpenGL ES. [Read More]

Random Dungeon Generation

Javascript Demo If you want to see this in action, you can find a javascript version of the algorithm described in here that runs in your browser over here. Introduction Ever since playing my first dungeon crawler (which must have been “Eye of the Beholder” if I remember correct, but there have been a lot of them in my early gaming days) I wanted to do something similar. And in my first years of coding I even started several dungeon crawlers (using Turbo Pascal under DOS), but none of them really took off due to several reasons. [Read More]