Project page for Trugbild

I finally got around creating a project page for Trugbild, my entry for the 2013 Pascale Game Development challenge. Results aren’t in yet (deadline was expanded for late entries), so I’m still waiting on how the entry did. I plan on adding stuff to the game in the future (that’s why the current version is called “PGD challenge edition”), and I’m also going to port it to Linux (and maybe Mac OSX). [Read More]

Trugbild finished (PGD 2013 challenge edition)

The 2013 pascal game development challenge deadline is today, and Trugbild (at least the version for this challenge is finished and available to the public now). I haven’t had that much time to work on it in the final week of the contest, but I managed to add in new content (chapters, decisions), fixed some minor issues and made some small tweaks to the game to add some polish. And though it’s not perfect and not 100% what I initially had in mind for it I’m pretty happy with what I was able to create in roughly a month. [Read More]

Trugbild : Almost done

The final date is quickly approaching, with only one week left to finish work on Trugbild. Last week was extremly busy (including a business trip), so I didn’t make much progress on it. To compensate for this I sat down the whole weekend to push progress on the project, and I can happily announce that all coding work on the game is done. I finalized the ending screen, which now has two (slightly) different visuals, depending on the player’s bias. [Read More]

Half-time on "Trugbild"

The first two weeks of the contest’s one month deadline have passed and I’m pretty happy with the progress so far. Though I won’t be able to put much work into the game this week due to job assignments I’m confident to have it done in time. At least the “PGD Challenge 2013 edition”, and depending on feedback I may add more stuff to the game after it’s release. After all a month is not that much, especially when you’ve got a full-time job, so there are lots of things I’d like to implement that won’t make it in time. [Read More]

Setting and progress on "Trugbild"

Although my spare time is pretty limited these times, and motivating myself to code after work (where I code almost all day code) isn’t very easy progress on “Trugbild” is coming along very nice. I guess one of the best ideas was to limit the technical aspects of the game to some very basic OpenGL and gameplay stuff. This allows me to concentrate on the game itself, without having to think alot about complex programming problems. [Read More]

First screenshots from "Trugbild"

After getting the first prototype for my PGD Challenge entry up and running I quickly found a name, it’s called “Trugbild” (German for “delusion”). Once I got the visuals of the prototype the way I imagined the game to look in the first place, the name somehow directly came to my mind and I found it pretty fitting for such a “game”. First work-in-progress screenshots (click on the thumbnails) : [Read More]

Taking part in the 3rd PGD game challenge

Once again, Will from Pascal Game Development has organized another game dev challenge. Though it’s more of a¬†game jam due to the lack of any prize and registration requirements the theme of it is pretty interesting. It’s called “at your command” and requires indirect control of some main protagonist (or multiple ones). While reading through the theme of that competiton, creativity struck and I decided to participate with a rather abstract “game”. [Read More]