Trugbild finished (PGD 2013 challenge edition)

The 2013 pascal game development challenge deadline is today, and Trugbild (at least the version for this challenge is finished and available to the public now).

I haven’t had that much time to work on it in the final week of the contest, but I managed to add in new content (chapters, decisions), fixed some minor issues and made some small tweaks to the game to add some polish. And though it’s not perfect and not 100% what I initially had in mind for it I’m pretty happy with what I was able to create in roughly a month. Creating a game from scratch besides an 8 hour dayjob isn’t the easiest task, so getting it finished in time and in a shape that’s pretty close to what I imagined is something I’m pretty happy with.

Here’s a short video of the game in action, though note that video compression kills a lot of image fidelity, and that the game is supposed to be played fullscreen in a dark room :

You can download it from here (Windows only, ~5 MByte).

I’ll have a page up on this page with some more detailled information, and maybe a post mortem up in the coming days, and I’m currently planning to expand the game (both in terms of content and gameplay) even further.