Quick update

Since my last news posting already started to collect dust I thought it would be time for a small update. Sadly I don’t have any screenshots to show or any groundbreaking news, but I can assure that I still work on “Phase 2” of Projekt “W”. Right now I’m** implementing a redesign of the whole espionage and sabotage part** of the game, as the initial draft from “Phase 1” lacks a lot and I want to make espionage (and sabotage) much more important for “Phase 2”. With the new implementation agents will be able to not only invade enemy regions, but also your own regions (for counter espionage) and the global data net. Especially the later one should make espionage much more important for winning a game, as the data net allows you to grab informations on all your enemies and will also allow for advanced sabotage feature (e.g. spreading false information, getting global statistics, and so on). The data net will also be divided into at least two rings (this will be decided later one when balancing this feature), so your agents need to advance deeper into the global datanet in order to get more and better informations. So in the beginning you’ll have to invade the outermost ring of the enemy’s global data net before your agent can advance deeper into it to get more detailed information and sabotage options. In the end I hope that this will give much more importance to the espionage feature, something that “Phase 1” was lacking. This also means that I’ll redesign the whole interface for espionage and sabotage, including a much easier to use espionage window.

So much for a status update, and I hope to have some screenshots ready in the not-so-distance future to show some progress.