Adding support for glTF meshes without indices

I have pushed an update to my Vulkan glTF PBR 2.0 application that adds support for rendering primitives without indices. Up until now, all primitives of a glTFs scene had to come with indices to be rendered by the application, which is usually the case for more complex scenes. After getting a request for this, and checking with the glTF 2.0 spec, primitives without indices are actually a valid glTF 2. [Read More]

Getting a Vulkan application up and running on a low-spec device with buggy drivers

Introduction Ever since starting to work on my C++ Vulkan glTF PBR application, I was bugged by the fact that it just wouldn’t work on my everyday phone, just crashing at a certain point with an error code that actually should never be thrown by that certain function. After a few unsuccessful attempts at finding the cause for this, I finally found the root of the problem and was actually able to get this up and running. [Read More]

Vulkan glTF 2.0 C++ phyiscal based rendering

I have released the first working version of a separate (from the examples) Vulkan physical based rendering example that uses the glTF 2.0 model file format. The repository can be found at glTF is a royalty free format specification by the Khronos Group and is a new format for 3D models gaining lots of traction. With version 2.0 it also added several PBR extensions and definitions. I decided to make this a stand-alone project instead of “just” another example in my Vulkan C++ example repository to make it easier getting into the code. [Read More]

Physically based rendering and moving (hdr) assets out of the repository

The last days (and weeks) I’ve been working on a Vulkan example implementing physically based rendering with image based lighting (you can find a nice article with lots of details over at Trent Reed’s blog) and just pushed it to my public github repository. While working on this demo I realized that putting all the binary assets (models and esp. textures) in the repository might not have been a great idea. [Read More]