glCapsViewer - Mac OS X version

Thanks to the kind help of damadmax (a user from the forums) I can now also offer a Mac OS X version of glCapsViewer, so all you mac users out there can now start submitting your reports. With Mac OS X now also available the most common operating systems are covered, so hopefully the OpenGL capability database will grow into a valuable source for all OpenGL developers out there. [Read More]

glCapsViewer 0.5 + SQL database

I’ve just released version 0.5 of glCapsViewer, and though the tool itself doesn’t seem that much different from 0.4, the real difference is in what’s behind it. Cause I’ve dropped the simple PHP listing (and searching) of uploaded XML files in favour of a real SQL database. This is not only much faster but allows for a lot of new features, and one these first new features (and propably one of the most important) is the possibility to compare (up to eight) reports in a single page. [Read More]

glCapsViewer - OpenGL capability viewer + online database

If you’re creating OpenGL apps (no matter if games, apps or demos) that you want to distribute, you often get error reports from user with the oddest things happening on their systems. Recently I distributed a benchmark for “Phase 2” to some people and after hours of trying to get it working for everybody I noticed that some of the testers had graphics cards that supported shaders (vertex and fragment) but no framebuffer objects, a pretty odd combination. [Read More]