Turing shader extensions and Visual Studio 2019 support for SPIR-V Extension

I have released an updated version of the SPIR-V Extension to the Visual Studio Marketplate.

If you already have this installed in Visual Studio, you can update it from the extension window.

Version 0.6 adds support for Visual Studio 19 and nvidia’s new turing shader extension, allowing you to generate SPIR-V from the IDE for ray tracing (generation, hit, miss, etc.), mesh and task shaders.

Supported shader extensions:

  • .vert (Vertex shader)
  • .tesc (Tessellation control shader)
  • .tese (Tessellation evaluation shader)
  • .geom (Geometry shader)
  • .frag (Fragment shader)
  • .comp (Compute shader)
  • .mesh (Mesh shader)
  • .task (Task shader)
  • .rgen (Ray generation shader)
  • .rint (Ray intersection shader)
  • .rahit (Ray any hit shader)
  • .rchit (Ray closest hit shader)
  • .rmiss (Ray miss shader)
  • .rcall (Ray callable shader)