Game design : Coastal building spots

Once again personal things kept me from posting news recently, so excuse the big gap between the last (game design related) posting and this one. Though I haven’t posted news recently I still worked on the game almost every day and a lot of things have been changed, added and done. So expect a higher posting frequency in the near future concerning my progress on “Phase 2”!

Something that has been implemented into the game from the very first prototype onwards was a property for all regions with a coast. In the beginning I implemented this to maybe add naval combat, though that never happened (and propably never will) and therefore that information was always present but never used.

So recently I decided to make use of this “lost” property again and** implemented coastal building spots** for all regions with access to the open-sea. This will add (up to) 3 special building spots that can only be populated with special buildings. Though the list is nowhere near finished it’ll include things like offshore wind turbines, different types of harbours, tidal power plants, etc.

So these new building spots will make coastal regions a lot more interesting, hopefully adding a new layer of strategical depth to the game. Note that I haven’t yet decided on how many of these spots will be available. Right now all three are unlocked from the start, but in a first draft you only had one spot unlocked and you had to unlock the other ones by constructing a special building for “land mass recovery” to open up the neighbouring spot. Though I’m still unsure about this, but that’s something I’ll consider for the final balancing.