Right now my thoughts are with the people of japan, a proud nation that has been hit very hard by earthquakes and tsunamis and also is doing everything possible to prevent a second (or even worse) Chernobyl over at Fukushima I.

Ususally I’m not affected by disasters and human suffering (though it may sound harsh, but both are part of life) but with what happened (and what’s still happening) in Japan it’s totally different. It’s hard to see these people suffering from the disaster and being under the constant fear of a nuclear disaster that could happen any minute now.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been driving a japanese car for ten years now without it having any issues at all, maybe it’s because I’m using a lot of electronics from japan every day, maybe it’s because I really like watching japanese movies (I actually hate the crap that’s made in hollywood) or maybe it’s because some of my most memorable gaming moments happened in japanese games (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Demon’s Souls, and many more) and maybe it’s because japan is such a proud country with people that stick together even under the worst conditions possible, something most western countries wouldn’t do.

But no matter what, my thoughts are with the japanese people right now and I hope that japan will be able to rise up from this catastrophe again!