Newton SDL developer demos updated (to SDK 2.32)

Just a quick note that I finally got around updating the SDL developer demos for the Newton Game Dynamics Engine to the latest 2.32 release of the SDK. Also note that I also uploaded the character controller demo for NGD 2.32 (I haven’t updated this one to 2.x up until now), and also note that it’s “just” an update of the version for 1.53 and that it does NOT use the integrated character controller of the Newton Game Dynamics SDK. Actually I have a version of this where I use the internal character controller, but that one is still not finished in the SDK. For example jumping would not be possible and the integrated controller is also based on raycasting rather than real physical interactions so you couldn’t for example tip over the stack of boxes in that demo with this one. That’s why I decided to release an updated demo of it that still uses a manual approach.