Projekt "W" - Patch 1.2

Although it took much more time than I expected, Patch 1.2 is done and released! After implementing the tutorial I already wanted to release it (last weekend) but I noticed that there wer a lot of bugs and problems buried within the AI and the army management. Some of them were serious and did hurt the whole gameplay experience, so I decided to push back the patch and fix all those issues. So this patch should make Projekt “W” the game I wanted it to be from the beginning, adding and changing a lot of stuff. Here is an extract of the changes and fixes :

  • An extensive tutorial (both languages, english and german) implemented within the game. It shows you all the important aspects of the game!
  • Fixes and buffs for the AI. The AI now will work as supposed, won’t cause any crashes and it should also be much more of a challenge now.
  • A lot of fixes and changes to the user interface so the interface can now be controlled faster. Allowing e.g. to do a lot of stuff with a simple double click.
  • And much more…just take a look at the changelog!

So grab a copy of the new version or just run the updater an enjoy the game. Hopefully there aren’t anymore bugs left, but if you find a bug or something wrong with the new release please let me know!

Win32 Installer for Projekt “W” - Phase 1 - Version 1.2 (~34 MBytes)

Note : If you’re looking for the patches, all links can be found on the project’s page.