As Projekt “W” (Phase 1) has been out for some weeks now, it’s time for a small recap. With the latest version (1.2) most of the bugs and problems of the first versions have gone, and after watching the feedback (mostly on forums) it seems that people like it. Some even compared it to commercial games and prefer Projekt “W”, and that’s great to know. There also has been plenty of useful feedback, mostly on balancing, that I’ll try to incorporate into Phase 2.

I haven’t started works on “Phase 2” yet, as I’m still collecting feedback and doing some more-or-less serious brainstorming for the new features to be included in “Phase 2”. I’m also playing through some games that I missed during developement of the game, right now that’s S.T.A.L.K.E.R., one of the best games I’ve ever played mostly due to it’s awesome atmosphere that gives you the creeps.

And if you have some feedback or ideas, just put it into the comments so I can put it into “Phase 2”. Also note that I intend to release another patch for “Phase 1” soon that’ll bring small balancing changes as well as fixes for the last remaining bugs.