Projekt "W" - Patch 1.1 (UPDATE 1.11)

Important note : There has been one bug left in 1.1 that would throw an exception when you tried to attack a region that has an empty divison assigned. This is an important issue but only needs an updated exe, so I quickly uploaded a zip that includes the game’s .exe that you just need to replace. Note that I also updated the full installer to 1.11!

Note : You only need this update if you have version 1.1 installed!_

As promised, here is patch 1.1 for Projekt “W” - Phase 1. Sadly there have been several bugs and problems within the first release and this release should correct most of the bugs. If you have version 1.01 installed (the hotfixed one) you only need the patch. If you don’t have it installed at all I also updated the complete package to the most recent patch.

Patch from 1.01 to 1.1 (Win32 Installer, ~3.5 MBytes)

You can find the patchlog for 1.1 over here.