Projekt "W" - Phase 1 - Hotfix 1.01

As usual I screwed up the release atleast partially. Besides crashing with resolutions of aspect ratio 5:4 (e.g. 1280x1024) I also forgot to include the music files for winning and loosing the game, so if you did and had music enabled it would crash. So I reuploaded the game with these fixes. I would have provided a patch but that would take it’s time so if you encounter any of the above problems please redownload it (direct download link).

Note : If you only have problems crashing when the game tries to play the winning/loosing music it’s also sufficent to disable music in the options menu so you don’t need to redownload it.

Update : As pointed at in a forum there are several problems with the hotseat-mode that may stop you from finishing such a game. I’m currently working on the first patch for the game that’ll fix the problems with the hotseat-mode.