Projekt "W" - Phase 1 - Release!

![](/images/projectw/phase1_final/logo_small.jpg) After a year of work it's time to celebrate the release of the most complex and ambitious of my programming career! **Project "W" - Phase 1 is finally here and free for you to download and play!**

Head over to the game’s new page and grab a copy of the game (Windows 32, Installer, ~30 MBytes, includes german and english). The page also includes a lot of information on the game itself as well as a bunch of new screenshots, so while downloading it you can read through the page and browse the shots. It’s also recommended to read the included manual after the is installed as it shows how to play and how the user interface of the game works.

So if you like turn-based strategy games (like I did and still do) feel free to give Projekt “W” a try and tell me what you think. Please note that this is not a commercial game made by dozens of people and that I don’t own a full QA-department so there may (and mostly will) be bugs and exploits in the game though I did a lot of testing (much more than with my other projces) to assure that it works on most systems. I’m also sure that not everyone of you will be happy with the balancing but I’ll listen to your feedback and if necessary patch the game to fix problems and do some balancing!

Have fun!