Endgame screens and top-five

Project W Endgame Screen

Although I haven’t had that much time to work on Project “W” since my last entry here I actually did get some more points on my todo-list done. As you can see on the screenshot to your left there is now a nice looking game-ending screen which will show some statistics as well as a top-five of the best players. For the screen itself I needed half-a-dozen attempts until I had gotten something finished that looked the way I imagined and had enough space to present all needed information, and as some kind of gift I also decided to add this small highscore-list so that there now is another additional value in replaying the game.

Having those two done now there are only 3 points left on my todo-list, and depending on how much time I get to work on this project I may be able to start final play-testing (together with balancing and finding bugs/problems/annoyances) by end of next month. Next big point on my list is now the hotseat-mode for multiple players on one PC, which will be the only multiplayer-mode for the demo with additional modes to follow upon release of the final version.