Hotseat mode is in

As already hinted at in my last posting on the subject of Project “W” I implemented the hotseat-multiplayer-mode, which will be the only multiplayer-mode present in the demo. For those that don’t know about it, hotseat is a multiplayer-mode that only uses one PC and therefore only can be used in a turn-based game (like Project “W”). So before starting such a game (see first screenshot) you choose what nation is controlled by a human player (other nations are played by the computer, disabling a whole nation is not possible but maybe later on with different game modes) and you can also set the number of ressources each nation has at the start of the game. In addition to that you’re also able to set a time limit for each player’s turn so that player’s will have to do all their stuff in a given time-frame. The hotseat-mode itself therefore is so far finished but it may be possible that I have to change some gameplay related things compared to the normal singleplayer-mode, but that’s subject to gameplay testing later on.

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