Cast of buildings

Project W buildings

High on 1the heels of my last posting about the cast of the military units for the Project"W" demo, I now also have finished all buildings that will be present in the demo. The number is 39 and even though I didn’t stop the time while creating them I can safely say that it took me far over one hundred hours to design, model and texture them so this was actually the toughest part of the content creation sector for Project “W”. Although I’m not 100% happy with some of the buildings they all turned out (more or less) the way I imagined them, and since I have set myself a deadline for a demo release I’m gonna leave them the way they are for now but some of them may change for the final version. But then again this also was the only real big content part left on my todo-list for the demo release so now the only thing to do in terms of content is to add some more technologies to the technology-tree, create icons for those technologies and then also translate the tree. But compared to creating all those buildings this shouldn’t take that long.

And as already said for the units, the number and types of buildings for the final version will change. I have planned at least a dozen more buildings and also buildings that are unique to each nation so that the final version will give you even more buildings to fill your limited building spots with.