After the design change, I started to fix/change some smaller things that were still open (although not really annoying) mainly with the UI itself. First I made it a bit transparent, so that the newly designed 3D view now shines through the windows which makes up for a nice effect. For that I also had to change rendering of the windows in such a way that they’re rendered from back-to-front (due to the nature of OpenGL’s alpha blending), but since you usually have no more than five windows open at the same time a cheesy bubble-sort does the job. The other changes are about usability of some of the UI components. You can now have listbox entries change their color and add an icon, so that e.g. in the news message list all items the player clicked on are marked, so he can clearly see what messages he already checked. Besides that, if he e.g. clicks on a message concerning a certain region that region’s windows will now pop up, which makes his life much easier. I also added automatic line wrapping to memos when loading text into them, which sounds very trivial but isn’t that easy to implement. So now I don’t have to manually insert line breaks when writing descriptions for buildings and units inside WeltEdit.

So now that those small things are crossed off the todo list, I concentrate on the content again. I almost finished the final list of buildings to be in the game (including the ones you’ll first have to research before being able to build them, and if you take a look at the screenshot you can get a glimpse of that list) with their descriptions. I think in the end it’ll be about 50 different buildings you can build, which is quite a number that should have you get started on thinking which ones to actually build in each region (remember that you can only build a certain amount of buildings in each region).