Regional 3D view updated

The detail window for a player’s region has had a 3D preview of the building you’ve built from the very start of the game’s developement, but it was utterly boring and didn’t fit the rest of the game. So I gave it a spin yesterday and wrote a prototype to try out some new ideas on how to change that 3D preview. After some hours of fiddling with different perspectives and rendering styles I came up with an isometric view that I’m rather content with, though it’s still a wip and everything (especially the 3D models of the buildings) will change, tough the view will stay like this. See thre screenshots below that show the old version (left) and the wip of the new one (right) :

[![]( ]([![]( ](
That's quite a difference and looks much better. And as I already said it's still work in progress and the final version will look more compelling. You'll have different environments, depending on where the region is located (desert, snowy, lush, etc.), and the variety of the buildings in the background will also change as well as their density (depending on the regions population). I also plan to add additional display stuff like showind high polution and so on.