Staff and Espionage

As opposed to what I planned in my last blog entry, I didn’t do any buildings at all cause I haven’t had much time to do work on the game over the weekend. But that doesn’t mean I did nothing!

First thing I did was to flesh out the espionage (and sabotage) part of the game in my design document. At first I wanted this to be a minor part of the game with not many options, but after thinking about the whole espionage and sabotage thing, I decided to give it more importance throughout the game. So it’s now a full part of the gameplay and you can even hire spys to help you get information and they’ll also be able to sabotage enemy stuff (buildings, armies, etc.). But this part of the gameplay also has it’s twists, so it’s not just hiring a spy, infiltratring an enemy region and then easily sabotage stuff there. I’ll put some things in this part to make it risky and not as easy as it sounds, but I also don’t want to tell too much about it.

Next on my list was to reimplement the transfer market. This was already in my first prototype, and I implemented it again into the current build. You’ll use this market place to hire your staff, including generals (for your armies), scientists (no scientists = no science) and spies (see above). Nothing special in terms of coding, but if you spent enough money for good staff you’ll surely have an advantage over your enemy, so this is another interesting strategic part of the gameplay. And I also made some graphics (with a 3D modeller) for the different professions of your staff members. Up until now I used some photos I got from google’s imag search, but I didn’t like them. They were just some kind of placeholder, and then I just got around making my own graphics for the professions :