The day(s) after

The launch of NewtonPlayGround turned out to be more or less smooth. Though the people that downloaded it already found some bugs, none of them were real showstoppers (which are actually a coders nightmare). Up until now there have been 8 bugs/problems reported, with none of them being something really serious and so I already fixed all those bugs and found two more by myself (also just really small ones).

So though the NewtonPlayGround is a real complex piece of software, and one user already made a very complex buggy, there have been much less problems/bugs than I feared when releasing it.

The bugfixed version (called 1.51) is already finished and will be uploaded within the next few days, cause I still want to wait and see if more bugs or problems pop up so that I can fix them. After that bugfix release, it should be stable to use for even bigger stuff.

And although I haven’t promoted it too much (I’ll do more promotion after the bugfix release. I just don’t wanted to watch half a dozen forums/pages for bugreports) it already generated almost 2 GBytes of traffic since it’s release. So maybe this will be my most successfull piece of software up-to-date!

P.S. : If you have any feedback to leave, go to the official thread on the newton forums. You can also see what some users are doing with NPG in that thread.