Newton 1.51 out

Already released yesterday (had no time to update my blog), Version 1.51 of the Newton Game Dynamics Engine is out!

So grab it while it’s hot. Besides some minor fixes, the vehicle container got a lot of attention in terms of bugfixing and is now a real beauty and fun to use. Note that there were no changes in the headers, so the pascal headers (link) for Newton 1.5 are still working with the 1.51 SDK.

And on to the next good part of this update : NewtonPlayGround is also as good as finished. It now contains over 30 different scenes to show of NGD’s features. Right now I’m going through the code and testing out the different scenes to see if there are any bugs (or problems) remaining, but I didn’t manage to find any of them (which is actually a good sign). So I plan to release it this weekend or maybe even a bit earlier.