Manual : Done

As I already mentioned (a dozen times or so…) writing manual for your own software is not only utterly boring but also not a very easy task. Why? Well, I’ve been working on the NewtonPlayGround since 2004 and I know it in and out (when you write your own applications, that’s what it should be) and now I had to write a rather large document (it’s in HTML form, with a TOC and so on) that should get people knowing nothing about the NewtonPlayGround started with this application. So you have to think about how to structure the manual, what to write, you need to take dozens of screenshots and write down stuff about functions, dialogs or whatever you’re already totally comfort with.

But well, that’s now history. After over 30 screenshots and 20 pages of HTML the manual is now in it’s finished state for the imminent release of the NewtonPlayGround. It feels like loosing a heavy burden!

And as for the PlayGround itself : Like stated on the last update, it’s finished in terms of coding. So in the last few days I only added some very minor stuff I thought would be nice to have. You can e.g. now switch to different camera modes when driving a vehicle, other changes were so small (like new icons for some of the buttons) that they’re not worth mentioning.