Newton's custom joint interface

So one of the most interesting features of Newton are the so-called custom joints, which basically expose Newton’s low-level functionality for joints and allow you to create all kind of joints. In the end, this means you’re not bound to the given set of pre-defined joints (like it’s the case with other engines, even most commercial ones like Novodex) and so if you need a joint that Newton doesn’t offer you just create it yourself.

And to demonstrate that feature Newton comes with a set of common joints that are built using that custom joint interface. The current beta SDK contains the basic joints from Newton recreated using those custom joints (Ball and Socket, Hinge, Slider, etc.) and also some additional ones like joints for making gears, worm gears and even pulleys. And believe me, as soon as you start using the custom joints instead of the pre-defined ones, you’ll never go back. You want to restrict movement? No problem with custom joints. You want motors for your joints? No problem with custom joints (well, at least if you’re a bit into physics)!

But up until now there was no translation of that SDK-part for Delphi (and Pascal) users, which hides away much potential of NGD from those users. So the last two days I decided to finish translating those joints (much of the work was done by Jon Walton aka Tux, who send me his initial translation of that file) and adding the missing ones. So when Newton 1.35 will be released, there will not only be updated Pascal-Headers, but also a full translation of the custom joints from the Newton SDK for Pascal, so all those Pascal-users waiting to use custom joints with Newton now can rejoice (and wait for the final release of 1.35)…

And before you ask : Yes, all those custom joints (including the recent gear and pulley) are already implemented into the NewtonPlayGround, but I still didn’t got around doing new scenes for it.