New Newton Beta SDK

So much for the regular updates, but the last weeks have been very dull in terms of coding (did almost nothing with Delphi or any other programming language).

But this weekend we SDK-developers got another beta of the Newton 1.35-SDK to try out, so I fired up Delphi, updated the header to the recent beta-SDK and also fixed some minor bugs in the NewtonPlayGround to test it with the new SDK. And besides one or two small bugs it works like a charm. I also saw some performance gains, especially in the more complex scenes.

For many people it may look like there is not much going on with the Newton Game Dynamics Engine, but that’s not the case, it’s the exact opposite thing that happens. The changelog since the last official release (1.32) is getting bigger and bigger and new features are also added. Besides that, the new beta is more robust and mostly faster than the last release, so all in all, 1.35 will be great. Next step on the roadmap is the finalization of the vehicle container, which is already much better than the old one but still has some quirks and bugs.

So it shouldn’t be too far away before you can try out the next release of Newton and the Newtonplayground…