Three new newton demos with source

While answering some questions concerning physics implementation to the man behind Tower22 (a survival-horror game under development with Delphi) I created a few new newton demos demonstrating several different things you might need in a game, demo 07 shows how to implement simple explosions (though for a real game you’d need to add some stuff like raycasting etc.), demo 08 shows how to use the contact process callback to play sounds depending on the impact of a collision (can be used to spawn particles, do damage calculations, etc. too) and demo 09 shows how to correctly move static bodies so they react with normal rigid bodies (think of an elevator e.g. that’s activated when a player presses a button, or objects only moved by internal game scripts/animations).

As usual with the newton (sdl) demos they all come with full source and detailed comments. If one of the demo contains something you could use in your game/demo/etc. then you can grab them over here.

Newton 2.33 (beta) headers uploaded

I just updated the Delphi/Freepascal headers for the Newton Game Dynamics engine to the latest release, 2.33 (beta). Grab them here. The latest release of the compiled SDK for newton can be downloaded here.

The latest version of NGD added a new interesting feature, destruction. Julio (the man behind NGD) has uploaded a video of this new feature over here. As usual I don’t have that much time for coding, but I plan to upload a destruction demo (with soource) for Delphi/Freepascal at some point, but I can’t tell when.

Newton SDL developer demos updated (to SDK 2.32)

Just a quick note that I finally got around updating the SDL developer demos for the Newton Game Dynamics Engine to the latest 2.32 release of the SDK. Also note that I also uploaded the character controller demo for NGD 2.32 (I haven’t updated this one to 2.x up until now), and also note that it’s “just” an update of the version for 1.53 and that it does NOT use the integrated character controller of the Newton Game Dynamics SDK. Actually I have a version of this where I use the internal character controller, but that one is still not finished in the SDK. For example jumping would not be possible and the integrated controller is also based on raycasting rather than real physical interactions so you couldn’t for example tip over the stack of boxes in that demo with this one. That’s why I decided to release an updated demo of it that still uses a manual approach.

Newton Game Dynamics Engine goes Open-Source

Time flies by, already march and still this is my first posting for 2011. I’m pretty busy outside of coding, but rest assured, I’ll have some new info on “Phase 2” soon. But still this news item is a great one, as the Newton Game Dynamics realtime physics engine recently went open source (under the zlib license), with both branches of the code, 2.xx and 3.xx now available online. As you may now this has been my (free) physics engine of choice for years now (used in several games like Jagdgeschwader, Newton Playground, tech demos etc.), and I’ve also been maintaining the Delphi/Pascal headers for some time now.

What does this mean? For us developers from the pascal crowd it means that it’s getting updated a lot more often now (Julio, the man behind NGD ist working fulltime in the games industry and therefore is pretty busy at times) and that it’s now possible to get NGD to more platforms (e.g. PlayStation 3, XBox360) for which Julio does not have developement permits / kits. And right now we’re also discussing wether to put the Delphi/Pascal headers into the official repository of NGD, which would be a great thing for all Delphi/pascal devs out there.

Also note that I updated the headers to the latest binary release (2.32) yesterday.

Here are some links concerning NGD going open source and the headers :
Official forum thread on newton going open source
Google code project for NGD
Current compiled binaries for NGD 2.32
Official forum thread on the Delphi/Pascal headers

Newton 2.26 (beta) headers uploaded

I’ve just uploaded updated header versions for the latest beta of the Newton Game Dynamics Engine, namely 2.26. This new versions adds severel new functions and procedures, but no changes within the joint library. You can grab the updated headers over here. As usual they should work with Free Pascal and Delphi (tested both under windows) and should also work under linux, though I don’t test them there.

Note : A user over at the newton forums pointed me to some small errors in the current header. I’ve fixed these (nothing major, some spelling errors, some fixed declarations). So if you encounter problems just redownload the headers. Also note that the version number within the header (see the const-section) says 2.25, that’s correct, cause SDK 2.26 of NGD hasn’t had any header changes.

Newton SDL demos updated to 2.16

After several requests and after updating the headers, I decided to release updated sources for the SDL developer demos showcasing some of Newton’s features. Those updated demos (including sources) should be useful to both starters (to see how Newton 2.00 works) and people that already used 1.53, as there haven been some changes.

So the following demos now also have sources for Newton 2.00 : “Demo 01 – Basic demo”, “Demo 02 – Joints” and “Demo 03 – Buoyancy”. The demo for vehicles will be updated as soon as functionality for the vehicle container is added back into the Newton SDK. Due to it’s beta nature, Julio commented those functions out for the last beta release, so they can’t be used right now. The ragdoll demo also will be updated at some point, but the ragdoll interface changed heavily in Newton 2.00 and it’s still subject to changes. And finally the character controller demo won’t be updated, simply because newton now has a built-in character controller, so no more need to code this on your own.

Grab the sources here, get the latest beta headers and download the current beta SDK. Note that you’ll also need SDL and the SDL headers for pascal. I’ve compiled the demos with Lazarus and FPC 2.2.4 and they’re not using anything platform specific. So they should work with windows, linux and maybe even MacOSX.

Newton header updated (again)

After updating some of my projects to the recent beta of Newton I decided to revert back to the original header format, using only one file (NewtonImport.pas) instead of the three from the last update (which was a result of Stucuk updating the headers and splitting them in order to easily use them with his own wrapper).

So I uploaded a new package for the headers, now only containing one header (NewtonImport.pas) as known from the older releases and one header for the joint library (NewtonImport_JointLibrary.pas). Note that I also fixed a wrong DLL name in the joint library that caused the compiler not to find custom joint routines. This is now fixed and the header should select the correct DLL. Also note that this header is compatible with the recently released 2.16 version of NGD as there were no header changes between 2.15 and 2.16.

Sorry for the troubles, but if you want to use the old header format only using one header as used in older releases, or if you use the joint library, please download the updated package.

Newton 2.15 (beta) headers uploaded

From my lack of recent updates it should be pretty clear that I don’t have much time (or better : pretty much no time at all) for my programming stuff, so over the past few months I also had no time to release updated headers for the beta releases of the Newton Game Dynamics Engine. As of now there have been many beta releases and the current one is 2.15. In my abscence Stucuk was the one that took care of that situation and released several headers for the numerous betas of NGD.

But today I just took the time (even if it meant less time for urgent personal matters) and decided to update Stucuk’s header (that’s based on mine for 1.53, which was based back on Sury’s first efforts) to the recent 2.15 beta of NGD, so that all pascal/delphi coders out there can now also test out the thrilling new features of NGD 2.00. So if you’re eager to use one of the new Newton betas, head over to the page for the new headers, download them and get the beta SDKs from the Newton homepage.

And as a nice extra, the download even includes a translation of Newton’s own joint library (thanks to Executor), so you can now use all the exciting new joints that are included in NGD, even the raycast vehicle joint.

Quick update note : Beta 2.16 was recently released, and since that new beta has had no changes concerning the C-header, the Delphi/Pascal header will also work fine with 2.16!