Vulkanised texture compression talk

I recently gave a talk on texture compression in Vulkan using Basis Universal and the KTX 2.0 format during this years Vulkanised online event. The short (15 minutes) talk contains some information on texture compression general, using texture compression in Vulkan and why a universal supercompressed format like Basis Universal is important. The presentation and a video recording of all the presentations from day 2, including mine, are now available: [Read More]

Khronos Chapter Munich Vulkan Slides

I’ve been speaking about my Vulkan launch day contributions and my experiences moving from OpenGL to Vulkan at the Khronos Munich Chapter Grand Opening last friday at the AMD offices. This was a great event, and finally getting to know some of the people in real was an awesome personal experience. So at this point I’d like to thank all the people that helped make this event happen and all these that attended, had a real blast talking and discussing about Vulkan! [Read More]