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Projekt W


Projekt “W” - “Phase 2” is the successor to the original Projekt “W” released back in 2007. It includes lots of new features, additional content, more varied gameplay and adds a lot of strategic depth to the gameplay.The game is a turn-based strategy game where you lead one of the five remaining nation to complete world domination by wiping out all other nations. The turn-based nature of the game allows the player to plan carefully and gives it a deep strategic depth. Graphics are state-of-the art and rendered with OpenGL utilizing shaders for some nice visuals.

As of late october 2012 the first public beta has been released, and futher, more-or-less regular beta releases are planned in order to iron out the last remaining bugs and to tweak the game’s balancing.

Projekt W - Phase 2


You can see the current changelog here.

Additional files :

  • Premade savegames (Rev #107-#170) These are premade savegames that you can use if you just want to take a quick look at the game. Extract these into the game’s directory that’ll be created after the first start under your current user’s personal directory (e.g. x:\Users\USER\Documents\ProjektW_Phase2\saves). These are savegames to quickly jump into the game and test the new features without having to start from scratch.


The list below contains the new features and additions to “Phase 2”. Note that it only contains major changes.

  • Global projects
    • A feature that was planned from the beginning, but didn’t make the cut. Global projects can be huge game changers, though they also take a lot of resources to finish them. Included are offensive projects like nukes as well as defensive ones that’ll e.g. boost your military strength or economic powers.
  • Turn-based hexagonal battles
    • In addition to having battles for a region simulated you’ll also be able to battle it out by yourself in several different settings and maps. Turn-based hexagonal battles in the spirit of the old Panzer General games will add a new layer of strategy to the game.
  • Redone and extended espionage- and sabotage system
    • These two parts of the gameplay will have much more functionality and therefore impact on the gameplay than they had in the initial game. There are different agent types along with dozens of actions for them to sabotage or spy upon your enemy. A complete new area will be the data net, where you can gather important information on enemy nations as well as do severe sabotage to your enemies.
  • New user interface
    • The old user interface was clunky in places and made for 4:3 displays. “Phase 2” has a complete new user interface, from the main menu to the game itself and over to the endgame screens. The new UI has a much better workflow, looks nicer and is designed for all screen resolutions, though a widescreen resolution is recommended.
  • Stock market
    • Trade stocks of the biggest global corporations in order to make or loose a fortune.
  • Extended staff system
    • Staffers now have even more skills and there is also a levelling system in place, allowing you to level up your staffers, either via their normal duties or by organizing staff trainings.
  • New technologies to research and endless research
    • The technology tree has been extended with several new technologies (which also unlock several new military units) and there is now also endless research implemented, allowing you to continue research, even after have completed the technology tree.
  • New military units
    • Fresh and advanced military units like hover tanks and stealth bombers add even more variety to the battlefield.
  • Coastal building spots
    • Regions with a coast now have additional building spots for their coastal region, allowing you to place special buildings like harbours or offshore wind power generators there, giving them a strategical advantage.
  • New game modes and modificators
    • To spice up the gameplay you can select from different new game modes and also select modificators that affect gameplay. You can e.g. select a game mode that has you construct a bunker in a given amount of turns while adding a modificator that gives random boosts or penalties upon the beginning of a new turn.
  • Changed balancing
    • The initial game had several balancing problems, and most of them should be history with the release of “Phase 2”, though a public beta for even better balancing is planned.
  • Many minor changes, fixed and addtions
    • In addition to the major changes listed above there are dozens of small new additions that result in a much smoother gameplay experience.
  • Multi-Platform support
    • The game now supports more than just windows operating systems. There’s a native linux version available too, with MacOSX (maybe) coming sometime in the future.



Latest Open Beta (April 2013)

Beta release october 2012

August 2012

June 2012

May 2012


System requirements

Note that the game is still in development, so hardware requirements for running the game may change. But currently the following system is required to run the game :

  • CPU : A single core CPU with 2 Ghz should be sufficent
  • Memory : 512 MBytes
  • Graphics : “Phase 2” needs a GPU with at least OpenGL 2.0 support (shaders, framebuffer objects and S3TC-texturecompression are required) and 256 MBytes of VRAM
  • Supported operating systems : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, all either 32- or 64-Bit (Winodws 2000 may work too) Linux (native for i386, 64-Bit needs multilib)
  • Sound : Not required
  • HDD : At least 250 MBytes

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