Vulkan is here!

Khronos finally launched Vulkan 1.0!

After 18 months of hard works and a huge industry-wide collaboration, this is a huge success. And this is not only an API-launch, but a hard launch with drivers for Vulkan from NVidia, AMD, Intel, etc. on mulitple platforms.

My launch contributions

Some time ago I was invited to be a part of the Vulkan Advisory Panel board. So I actually got a head-start and also released some Vulkan related stuff to the public on launch day. I even made it onto the Vulkan Launch page and was quoted in a press release by NVIDIA :)

Vulkan examples

You can find a bunch of Vulkan examples (C++) over at my github repository. They contain over two dozen examples, and even a few for getting started on Android (if you own Android hardware that supports Vulkan). Feel free to fork and contribute!

Vulkan hardware database

My OpenGL and OpenGL ES hardware database are frequently used (and quoted) by many developers, so I went on and also created a Vulkan Hardware Capability Database (and viewer). Vulkan is a bit more explicit than OpenGL and offers much more information, so once the database is filled with enough hardware reports this should become a valuable resource for developers.

Being part of this was a great experience, and I’d like to thank everybody on the Vulkan Working Group and Advisory panel, and the fine people over at LunarG and the IHVs I’ve worked with!