Going multi-platform, part 6 : Mac OSX

After hard weeks of work, february finally saw the release of a linux version for Projekt Weltherrscher - Phase. This marked the first step on my journey to go multi-platform, something to too easy for a game that was made on and for windows (with an IDE that actually only runs on windows).

But those that are into multi-platform development know how close Mac OSX and linux are in terms of coding (OSX is based on Darwin which is based on unix), so after getting the game to run on linux the next (natural) step would have been porting it to Mac OSX. But different to linux you don’t just set up a virtual machine, install a free distro, your IDE and start porting, no, you need something that actually runs a Mac OSX operating system, and that something is ideally a real Mac. But now I finally have access to a running Mac OSX with all my development tools (lazarus, FPC, xcode) up and running.

So I used the last weekend to start porting the game to Mac OSX, and as I initially thought most of the stuff that makes the game run on linux also works on OSX. I had to comment out a few things that I still need to implement, like iterating display modes, changing to fullscreen mode, etc. but the game is up and running native on OSX for the first time!

So yes, Phase 2 is coming to Mac OSX some time in the not too distant future, and I hope that there are some Mac users out there that are up for some serious strategics ;)