Projekt "W" finally get's it's own theme song

After all the years that Projekt “W” has been in development the game finally has it’s very own theme song! While adding in new sounds (and replacing old ones) I found the music of the current build to be kinda unfitting and decided to dig through the depths of the internet to find some (free) tracks that would be a better fit for the game’s mood (especially with the new space backdrops).

And while searching through different sources for free music tracks I stumbled upon YD’s collection over at and quickly found several public domain songs that would fit the game very well. So I decided to put them into the game (replacing most of the existing songs), and send him a notice about the usage of his tracks in “Phase 2” of Projekt “W”.

Not only did he give me permission to do so (I know, the tracks are public domain, but I still wanted to let the artist know about me using them) but he also decided to create a theme song for the game. And not only does it sound great, it also perfectly fits the game’s mood.  You can listen to it over here.

So starting with the next release (which is planned for either this or the next weekend) the game will not only come with new (far less annoying) sounds, but also with several new music tracks including this new theme from YD!