Newton Game Dynamics Engine goes Open-Source

Time flies by, already march and still this is my first posting for 2011. I’m pretty busy outside of coding, but rest assured, I’ll have some new info on “Phase 2” soon. But still this news item is a great one, as the Newton Game Dynamics realtime physics engine recently went open source (under the zlib license), with both branches of the code, 2.xx and 3.xx now available online. As you may now this has been my (free) physics engine of choice for years now (used in several games like Jagdgeschwader, Newton Playground, tech demos etc.), and I’ve also been maintaining the Delphi/Pascal headers for some time now.

What does this mean? For us developers from the pascal crowd it means that it’s getting updated a lot more often now (Julio, the man behind NGD ist working fulltime in the games industry and therefore is pretty busy at times) and that it’s now possible to get NGD to more platforms (e.g. PlayStation 3, XBox360) for which Julio does not have developement permits / kits. And right now we’re also discussing wether to put the Delphi/Pascal headers into the official repository of NGD, which would be a great thing for all Delphi/pascal devs out there.

Also note that I updated the headers to the latest binary release (2.32) yesterday.

Here are some links concerning NGD going open source and the headers :