New tracked tank video

I have uploaded a new video (wmv-format, ~60 MBytes, ~5:40 mins) of the tracked tank vehicle implemented in newton. This video shows a more advanced, and almost finished version that allows you to control each track separate (using two analog sticks on my gamepad), as well as rotating the turret, which is implemented with a derived custom joint (and controlled using two neck buttons on the pad). It also allows for realistic turning when the tank is moving, something that wasn’t working in the version that the first video showed. For this I “just” had to check if both tracks accelerate in the same direction and then if the delta is too high I bring the other track up to speed. Works fine so far and now the tank really moves like a real tank. Once again, if you want to know more about how I implemented this and if you want to participate in the discussion about this technique, head over to this thread on the newton forums.

Update : Julio Jerez, the man behind Newton Game dynamics, has it’s own channel on youtube showing off stuff made with Newton. He already uploaded the above mentioned video there, you can access it here. But I suggest you download the video, as youtube has a rather low resolution combined with a horrible qualit.