Project "W" - New Video

Project As promised several times I finally made a new video for Project “W” to showcase the project’s current progress. The video is fresh out of the press and I created it only several hours ago (actually I started two days ago but did several tries). It’s almost 7 minutes long and encoded in windows media format (WMV) so anyone having installed a recent version of the mediaplayer or having installed a codec pack should be able to watch it. But contrary to the first video I released in january there are two novelties for this one : _- First, everything is in english so people that don’t know german will now finally see what’s going on whitout having to do a lot of guess-work.

  • Second, it’s fully narrated by myself. This means that throughout the video you’ll hear me talk about the game and what I’m doing and this is also in english._

So I hope you enjoy the video, but also please remember that I could not show anything from the game or tell too much about it’s background story in order to have a video that’s reasonable in both, size and length. So happy watching…