GUI, sciences and stuff

Over the last days I have put some more work into the user interface, so in addition to the overhauled control center I showed you last time I now also have a (small) system toolbar in the top left of the screen which currently has buttons for saving, loading and quitting the game. But more important is the addition of the most important informations to the control center, so the player is always uptodate on the most important values concerning his nation. As with the icons for the control center, I also did those in a 3D modeller so that they don’t break the visual flow. And although they’re still preliminary (some of them may stay, some of them will change) they fit very well into the GUI. And yes, I also have plans for what to do with the last empty space of the control center, but more on that at a later time. So here is a screenshot of the current GUI (still hot, just a few minutes old), click for a bigger view :

But that’s not all, I also implemented the next important part into the game (though not 100% finished) : science. It’s a new window in which you can select what technique you want to research, and right now there are two different main categories; militar and civil technologies. Besides this ingame-window I also added the needed stuff to WeltEdit to be able to add new techniques and also export them to XML (and load them into the game via this XML-file). And to give you some more insight on how I integrated this, you’ll get a photo and a screenshot. The photo shows my drawing of the science window and the screenshot shows it’s implementation. But as you may notice there are still some parts missing ingame, like the description and image and stuff. But for that I’ll first have to write down some research techniques using WeltEdit.