Delphi/Pascal Header

**Newton Game Dynamics Engine 3.x**

You can grab a current header for the 3.00 alpha of the NGD over at the Newton forms. It’s maintained by Stucuk, so if you got any questions post them in that thread.

**Newton Game Dynamics Engine 2.x**

These are the header translations of the current 2.xx version of the Newton Game Dynamics SDK (you can get the latest SDK here). Note that things may change between 2.XX releases, so that functions may totally change or even may be removed between two releases. But if you want to play with the many new features of Newton 2.00 then you should at least take a look at it. My thanks go out to Stucuk for updating the headers several times when I wasn’t having time to update the headers due to personal reasons. As of 2.15 I’ll try to update them as soon as possible.

zip Newton Game Dynamics Delphi/Pascal header for SDK 2.35(beta)
Note :  In addition to he NewtonImport.pas, it now also contains  a translation of the JointLibrary included in _NewtonImportJointLibrary.pas (thanks to Executor for the initial translation of that header).


    * _12.02.2012_ - Updated to **beta 2.35** ([Download](
    * _12.04.2011_ - **Revision #1** for 2.33. Some functions had their parameters changed (contact process related)  ([Download](     
    * _04.04.2011_ - Updated to **beta 2.33** ([Download](
    * _21.02.2011_ - Updated to **beta 2.32** ([Download](
    * _30.12.2010_ - Updated to **beta 2.29** ([Download]( **Important note : ** NewtonCreateBody changed, now directly takes a matrix as additional parameter.
    * _06.12.2010_ - Updated to **beta 2.26** ([Download](
**Newton Game Dynamics Engine 1.5**

This is the official header translation of the NGD 1.5 SDK. It should work with Delphi (5 and up tested, older versions may work too) and Free Pascal. Note that NGD 1.5 won’t be updated anymore, so if you want to make use of the latest features, get the 2.X SDK headers.

zip Newton Game Dynamics Delphi/Pascal header for SDK 1.53
Changes :

    * _26.05.2006_ - **NGD 1.53** released, **headers updated**.
    * _14.03.2006_ - **NGD 1.52** released, **headers updated**.
    * _10.02.2006_ - **CustomJoint unit** updated (bugfix), please redownload header if you use it.
    * _30.01.2006_ - **NGD 1.51** released. No header changes, so header is still compatible.
    * _05.01.2006_ - Fixed small bugs in the custom joint unit that wouldn't let it compile. If you use this unit, please redownload the headers.
    * _03.01.2006_ - Updated the headers to **NGD 1.5**, header now also comes with the translation of the custom joints. SDL demos will be updated soon.