Compute chapter for Vulkan-Tutorial

Vulkan Tutorial

For a lot of developers wanting to learn Vulkan, the tutorial at is the first learning resource they’ll encounter. It teaches most of the basics required to get started with Vulkan, but up until now only for the graphics part. But Vulkan does more than graphics, with compute shader support being mandatory and as such available on all devices and platforms that support Vulkan.

New compute chapter

And being well aware on how important the tutorial is as a learning resource, we have a small group of people inside Khronos that takes care of keeping the tutorial up-to-date and in line with api changes. As part of that group I have contributed a whole new chapter to the tutorial that introduces compute shaders. The chapter is aimed at beginners and shows how to write a GPU based particle systems, with the particle movement being displayed and computed by the GPU. The tutorial walks you through the setup required to get compute shaders up and running, talks about new resource types like shader storage buffer objects, shows how to write compute shaders in glsl and then combines all of this with the graphics part of the pipeline.

You can find the new chapter over here.

Some additional background on Vulkan and compute, along with additional resources can be found in this Khronos blog post.