OpenCL Hardware Database at

New OpenCL Hardware Database

2022 starts off with a new addition to my GPU Hardware databases at!

With the databases for Vulkan, OpenGL and OpenGL ES being widely used by many graphics developers, ISVs and IHVs, members of the OpenCL working group approached me for a similar database for OpenCL. OpenCL is a mature and widely adopted api for parallel programming of heterogeneous systems, available on all kinds of platforms.

So during the last months I’ve been closely working with the OpenCL working group on getting a new database up and running that supports all versions of OpenCL (1.x, 2.x and 3.x) and a wide range of extensions. And that database just went live and is now available at

As with the other databases, there is a client application for uploading the reports available at this link. It’s currently available for Windows, Linux and Android. The database then let’s you browse devices, display and compare reports, extensions, image formats and more.

You can find more details in my Khronos blog post.

Open source

As with the other api targets, the OpenCL Hardware Capability Viewer and the database are both developed in the open source. You can find the client application’s code here and the database code here. Contributions are welcome.

Feedback and Report uploads welcome

OpenCL is widely supported on a plethora of platforms and devices. And while it has been tested on different implementations, it’s impossible to test on all devices supporting it.

So feedback and report uploads are welcome, and if you encounter any problems feel free to report them at the github repositories for the client application or the database.